Milestone One?

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With milestone one coming up next Friday all the groups are polishing up their first demo of their games to be presented.

Luckily, our project’s been ahead of schedule since the first week, and all we have left to finish is the placeholder audio and we’re ready to present!

Before milestone one finally hits we’ll be prepping to release a short demo of our game so far, including the first and second tutorial levels, and hopefully a third if time is allowed. Not all levels will be entirely polished and art will not be finalized, but we’re hoping to get it out early to get some open testing happening for the public.

The weekend will be used to prepare the installation of the audio for the game, optimizing it’s size and it’s length, while inputting the proper code to make the implementation easier.

Also, we’ve been using the drawing mechanic to make some interesting creations. Some have been put around the blog already, but I’ll repost them below here. Enjoy! Hopefully you can make something else great when we release the game itself.

Master Chief Rendition

This magician doesn't use wands!

Matt's Deadpool Rendition

Matt's Scorpion Rendition

Ankit's Clone Trooper

Ankit's a big Star Wars fan...

-Kramer, signing off.



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What’s that? Sketch Quest is live?

You don’t say!

Well hey here it is, our game up and ready for you to play!

We’ll be uploading it to more portals throughout the day, but Kongregate was the first so we wanted to get it to you all first. Hope you like the latest build!

Kramer, out.

New Screenshots!

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Courtesy of Carl Graves, prodigal artist-with-a-mouse, here are some more screen shots of the game.


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Another video blog, and it’s here to stay! We hope you all enjoy, and don’t get mad when we spam the crap out of it until another one’s out.

Also, you should watch the second video blog before this one, if you haven’t already (and maybe still if you have.)

Kramer, out.

They Like Us… They Really Like Us!

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Following a week-or-so hiatus from this blog, our group finally came back and provided some insight on the progress of the game (more still to come.) It turns out all of you really missed us, as we’ve had our highest numbers of site viewings since we initially started the blog. It’s nice to know that we haven’t quite jumped the shark yet.

For some reason (who knows why…) I guess I’ve sort of become the “blogger” of the class, and the people running blogs for each game come to me to ask for small tips here and there. Usually I would keep this to myself and brag under my breath when people walk by, but I think there may be some valuable tips in here.


1. POST EVERYTHING. Most of you are reading this right now for this exact reason: I spam the shit out of this blog. Each time I make a new post, it’s on Facebook. I post it in groups, through the game’s page, and just on my home page in general. As much as people don’t like it, getting a daily notification on Facebook from me is what makes them read this blog.


2. Have a routine. Although I’ve strayed from it a bit, I usually post updates from this blog at 10:00 AM every day, weekends with some exceptions. If there’s a milestone coming up, I may post less due to time constraints and, honestly, that there’s nothing new to talk about (it’s all polish.)


3. Change it up. You see this? A list of things to do? Not that new for me, but videos and screenshots are. It’s not always a bad thing to have a reputation as an essay writer, because when you put up videos and screenshots people will flock to them.


4. Modesty. Okay, maybe at this point I’m not practicing what I preach, but it’s important. A lot of the time people will read an opinionated blog and become insulted at the idea that the writers opinion is so convoluted. As long as you leave some shadow of a doubt in your own opinion people will keep reading. That being said, I could be completely wrong… I don’t know everything (see what I did there?)


All in all, it’s important to just keep yourself consistent. With the hiatus we had it turned out to help us get a boost back in readers, but that’s not to say that taking a break is always a good thing. As long as you don’t completely forget about your blog, and keep in mind what your audience wants to read (and spam spam spam) everything will work out.

p.s. Ian stop posting all your updates right after mine. lol.

Kramer, out.

More Screenshots! No Video…

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Video is on it’s way, but prior to it’s showing we’re going to give you a little more as far as screenshots go.

New Screenshots

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